My Cleanse Experience

So this post is going to be an honest post about my recent experience with a nutritional cellular cleanse that I recently told you guys a little bit about.  I’m not going to sit here and try to pitch you on it, but if you want more information because you are interested, please feel free to email me at  This post is really more about sharing my cleanse experience and saying what’s been working for ME.My 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse Experience


Parmesan Garlic White Bean Dip with Charcuterie

This dip is seriously the easiest thing you will ever whip up for a party. Topping it with crisped charcuterie just takes it to the next level! I’m a huge fan of things that can be done on the fly. Like when it’s a weeknight and you have to host or go to a dinner party. You need an appetizer and you really just can’t get the time (or the energy) to put all the effort into a fancy appetizer but you want something delicious that’s great for a crowd. If that’s what you need, then this is your dip!

Parmesan Garlic White Bean Dip with Charcuterie

When I got a three-pack of Charcuterie (sopressata, Italian salame and salame Toscano), I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of Italian. Ok so that’s not entirely true… what I really wanted to do was sit down with these salame and sopressata and go to town with some cheese. But, I wanted to create something a little more interesting for you guys, so I went with this sensational dip. (more…)

DIY Office Decor + Desk Styling @ Work

So I know I just told you all about how I work from home.  But that wasn’t always the case.  I used to have a real office in a real building and had to find a fun way to decorate it so I wouldn’t be just another lawyer with a brown and green office.  I’m sure you were able to discern from my home office post that I totally dig white and gold.  Like love love love it.  diy-office-ideas

So much so that yes, even my old phone case was white and gold striped.  It matched my Day Designer and my Sugar Paper notebook (which I used to keep track of my billable hours before the day that I moved to a different firm that used an automated computer system for this).  Read on for more of my DIY Office Decor (as well as where I purchased the other items)! (more…)

Cajun Bacon and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

These stuffed peppers were a fantastic side-dish to a lovely Father’s Day meal.  My dad enjoyed them alongside a bone-in strip sirloin and the delicious Summer Salad I posted a couple of weeks ago!Cajun Bacon and Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

So picture this. My dad is coming over for dinner and I want to make him something delicious but reasonably healthy, because he’s pretty mindful of such things. I had some amazing Cajun Bacon that I wanted to use for the special occasion but like I just said, it’s a special occasion so obviously breakfast for dinner probably wouldn’t do the trick (although I do intend to use the rest of this bacon for a delicious treat such as that!) (more…)

Home Office Decor

Today I’m sharing a glimpse of my home office decor, so you can picture where I am when I say I “work from home.”  So come on in!I really never thought I would work from home.  In the legal profession, it’s not something you see commonly.  Most attorneys practice in an office building, with their computers and copiers and fax machines and break rooms.  Most do not work remotely, but many do!  When I started working from home, I thought it would be tough.  How am I supposed to balance work and life?  How can I keep myself from going to lay down on the bed or couch, or from folding laundry or doing dishes?  How do I get myself to focus??


Desk: Pottery Barn. Planner: Day Designer. Folders: Kate Spade. Mirrored side table and console table: Target. Desk Accessories: Russel + Hazel

It turns out that, for me, the simple solution was to have a separate bedroom designated as my “home office” where everything in the room was mine and made me want to be in there day in and day out.  I needed it to be a place that when I walked into the room, I would think “ok I’m at work.” (more…)

Torte Tuesday: Healthy Mixed Berry Torte

Welcome to Tort(e) Tuesdays, jurors!  Each month on the first Tuesday, I will feature a “Tort(e)” 

I call it a Tort(e) because it has multiple meanings: (1) a Tort is a “wrongful act . . . that results in injury to another person, property, reputation or the like.” and (2) a Torte, with an “e” is “a rich cake, especially one containing little or no flour.”  And this month we are doing a Linzer Torte!Mixed Berry Torte from Order in the Kitchen

I adore this torte!  This is by far the easiest and most healthy torte I have made on all of the Torte Tuesdays.


DIY Travel Memory Boxes

It’s time for another DIY!  I love DIY projects because they give me something to do other than work or blog, and then you end up with something great in return!  This DIY is about how I document our travels together as a couple by creating DIY travel memory boxes!  I’ve also DIYed my DIY Bar Cart, DIY Painted Shoes, and DIY Gold Spray Painted

So for those of you who don’t know (which may be a great many of you), my husband and I met in Sydney, Australia on a study abroad during law school.  We went to two different law schools less than an hour apart, but it wasn’t until we landed in Sydney that our eyes met. (more…)

Present Sense Impressions: Link Love

In law, Present Sense Impressions are statements which describe an event while it is occurring. These posts contain my daily musings, like good finds on Pinterest, recipes I’m drooling over, and other things that I’m generally loving lately. 



I can’t believe it’s summer.  Except I can totally believe it because it’s hot as Hades up in North Carolina right now.  And all I want are all of the cold and iced things, summer fruits and healthy salads!  Like:

These Brown Butter Shortbread Parfaits with Coconut Cream.  Dead.  I just want to stick my face right into that bowl.

I want a pitcher of The Firecracker Cocktail — Watermelon, Lime and Cucumber y’all.  Come to Mama.

This Potato Chip Caramel Ice Cream.  I’m just so intrigued! (more…)

Honey-Lime Grapefruit Margaritas

This margarita was seriously one of the best margaritas I have had ever.  I know that sounds like a bold statement, but y’all.  This was seriously delicious and the flavors were so on point that I’m sitting here wanting another one as I type this now!  Honey-Lime Grapefruit Margarita

The honey-lime simple syrup really added a lot more than I thought possible, and gave it the most incredible sweetness without being cloying at all.  The trick is to make the simple syrup first, then add it to the cocktail.


This Week On The Docket

In court every morning, the judge calls the “docket” or the calendar for that day. Here on the blog, “The Docket” is my weekly post that gives you a little peek into the life of the Attorney in an Apron, and what kinds of fun things are happening in my life this week! 

healthy salad

So as you can probably tell from this photo, this week for me was about starting my new journey into healthier living.  I’m working on getting back to the weight where I felt fit and healthy, and so far am enjoying every step of the way.

I started a new nutritional cleanse on Monday after seeing the incredible results my wedding hair and makeup artist experienced from doing the same program.  It’s been a week so far, and even though it’s only the first week, I’m already seeing results!  I feel incredible, have so much more energy, I’m becoming a morning person (like what!?) and my chronic pain has subsided a bit.  Not to mention I’ve lost weight!  I’m seriously loving it and if you want more info just shoot me an email at orderinthekitchenblog [at] gmail [dot] com and I will give you the deets!

The rest of the week was jam packed with lots of work (which is a good thing!)!  Meetings, networking functions, a continuing legal education, and court filings.  I’ve been a pretty busy girl this week so I relaxed most of Saturday (other than making my next Torte Tuesday post…hint: it’s healthy!) and today.  I’m actually pretty proud that I was able to eat healthy during such a stressful week but I was able to manage with some careful planning!

Last Sunday we of course celebrated Father’s Day.  My dad came over, and I made him a delicious dinner with steak, summer salad, a delicious dip and some stuffed peppers (will be sharing these two recipes soon!).  After dinner we watched the wedding video and dad obviously got a little choked up!  All in all it was a great Father’s Day and we had a nice time together.

So what have you been up to this week?  What’s on your docket for this week?

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