DIY Travel Memory Boxes

It’s time for another DIY!  I love DIY projects because they give me something to do other than work or blog, and then you end up with something great in return!  This DIY is about how I document our travels together as a couple by creating DIY travel memory boxes!  I’ve also DIYed my DIY Bar Cart, DIY Painted Shoes, and DIY Gold Spray Painted

So for those of you who don’t know (which may be a great many of you), my husband and I met in Sydney, Australia on a study abroad during law school.  We went to two different law schools less than an hour apart, but it wasn’t until we landed in Sydney that our eyes met.Since we met in Sydney, one of our favorite things to do has been to travel.  We love going on trips together and experiencing new things.  Some of the highlights have been a trip to Europe where we went to both London and Paris, two trips to Las Vegas, a trip to O’ahu to do the LOST tour (one of our favorite shows), and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Sometimes we plan the trips together (like London) or sometimes they are a gift from Matt for a special occasion (like Hawaii and Vegas).

I use these memory boxes to keep any mementos from the trips: tickets to plays, playbills, photos, casino chips, subway tickets, plane tickets, you name it!  All of those things go into the box and then when we want to relive one of our trips, we simply choose the box off the bookshelf and open it again.


This is a simple and efficient way to maintain your travel memories!  I love being able to find our memories right away and have something pretty to display in the meantime!

All you need is:

Wooden boxes (size is up to you, I got mine at Michael’s and I love them)

2-3 different base paints (I used gold, pink and white wood paint)

1 paint color for words (I used black wood paint)



All you have to do is:

Paint the exterior of the box and let dry.

Stencil the destination on the front of the box using the stencils and pencil.

Paint within the penciled-in letters and allow to dry fully before putting anything in the boxes.

Hint: I placed a pen in between the opening of each box while the base coat dried so that the paint wouldn’t seal the box together!

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