Healthy Living with Teasia Tea

This healthy living post is brought to you by Teasia Tea, which are neat K-cup style teas in a wide variety of types and flavors.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the people who help make Order in the Kitchen possible!healthy living with teasia tea

I’m turning 31 in less than 3 weeks!  I guess that means I’ll officially be in my “early 30s” instead of just “30” is that right??  As much as I would love to freak out about getting older, I think the better approach is to focus my energy to more positive things I can control, like my health.  Admittedly, my health isn’t totally within my control (anyone can get cancer etc.), certain aspects of it certainly are within my control.  More specifically, what I put into my body, and how active I choose to be are distinctly and completely up to me.  

I’ve made the decision to start running again, and work harder to make smarter choices with regards to what I’m putting into my body to fuel it.  I’ve signed up for a half marathon in September (VA beach! come join if you want!) and I’m so looking forward to it!  I’ve also majorly cut down on my coffee consumption, reduced the use of added sugar in my beverages, and am working on my consumption of added calories in wine and beer.  These are all works in progress, but one of the ways I’ve been able to reduce my coffee consumption is through teas!healthy living with teasia tea

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good cup of coffee, and coffee does have some health benefits (and I drink it black, which helps since I’m not adding extra sugar or dairy) but STILL, if I have more than one cup it gives me the jitters and makes me eat more to cope with that.  Tea doesn’t do that to me.  Tea gives me that nice warm calming feeling that you get from holding and sipping a warm beverage, without the extra caffeine (and jitters).  healthy living with teasia tea

Teas also have incredible health benefits in the form of antioxidants, while also potentially reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.  For more info on the benefits of drinking tea, check out this article: 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea.  When Teasia reached out to me about trying their K-cup style teas, I was definitely on board!  healthy living with teasia tea

They sent me a box of their Floral Series, which had four different types/flavors: Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Black Tea, Chamomile Mint Tea, and Rooibos Lemongrass Tea.  They are all equally lovely, but very different.  The Chamomile Mint Tea was the first one I tried.  It’s soothing and very calming.  I just adore chamomile tea for it’s ability to make me go from stressed to calm with a single sip.  healthy living with teasia tea

The Rose Black Tea had a subtle rose flavor (which I appreciated…I don’t love overpowering rose flavors), and was a little boost of energy with it’s light caffeine.  The Rooibos Lemongrass was a fantastic afternoon tea, and was very mild and delicious.  The Jasmine Green Tea was a fantastic combination.  Green tea tends to be rather bitter and the jasmine really smoothed that out, and it was fantastic.  healthy living with teasia teaI did not add cream, sugar, honey etc. to any of the teas.  I drank them pure, which allows you to get all the health benefits without adding anything extra into your system (and without the added calories).  By having the extra flavors added into the teas, adding sweeteners simply wasn’t necessary.  They were delicious on their own!  I also loved that they were K-Cups, because I feel like sometimes I leave the tea bag in too long and then the tea gets a bit bitter, plus tea bags are messy!  I really love these teas and would definitely purchase them in the future.  Highly recommend if you are a tea lover, or are looking to become one :)  As always, feel free to email me with questions!  healthy living with teasia tea