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Today I’m sharing a glimpse of my home office decor, so you can picture where I am when I say I “work from home.”  So come on in!I really never thought I would work from home.  In the legal profession, it’s not something you see commonly.  Most attorneys practice in an office building, with their computers and copiers and fax machines and break rooms.  Most do not work remotely, but many do!  When I started working from home, I thought it would be tough.  How am I supposed to balance work and life?  How can I keep myself from going to lay down on the bed or couch, or from folding laundry or doing dishes?  How do I get myself to focus??


Desk: Pottery Barn. Planner: Day Designer. Folders: Kate Spade. Mirrored side table and console table: Target. Desk Accessories: Russel + Hazel

It turns out that, for me, the simple solution was to have a separate bedroom designated as my “home office” where everything in the room was mine and made me want to be in there day in and day out.  I needed it to be a place that when I walked into the room, I would think “ok I’m at work.”


Desk: Pottery Barn. Desk Accessories: Russel + Hazel, DIY, Container Store, Anthropologie. Notebook: Sugar Paper. Computer: Apple. Lamp: See Pinterest Board Below

So far this has worked out pretty well for me, up until Matt ended up enrolling back in school full time and he needs the office to study so we share it and the dining room table as well.

I found these inspirational quotes on Etsy and then bought some white frames at Michael’s to frame them and I leaned them up against the wall because I’m too lazy to actually hang them…home-office-decorThis one is my personal favorite:photo 3I got this gorgeous mirrored console table at Target and  I also got this quirky white bookshelf from there as well:


Top: Floral Candle: Anthropologie. Gold Notebook: Target. Amethyst and Peony Diffuser: Zhush. Calendar: Sugar Paper. Shoes: Jimmy Choo. Bottom: Glass Jewelry Box, Giraffe Ring Dish, Candle, Mercury Glass Canister, Copper Box: Anthropologie. Elephant: Nordstrom.

If you want to see where I got the items pictured in these photos, check out my Pinterest board, which has those items as well as some other ones that I love/want:
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If you are looking for inspiration but maybe not exactly all the same things as me, check out my Home Office Inspiration Board:

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