Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Our honeymoon in St. Lucia was beyond amazing.  If you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, this is it!  This post is not sponsored by anyone but me :) though Ladera did give us a discount on the meal plan, as I indicated in my previous post (after we had booked our accommodations).Honeymoon in St. Lucia

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Matt and I recently celebrated our two year wedding anniversary!  Since we’ve been together for nearly 8 years, it seems like it’s been longer than two years, but strangely at the same time it feels like our wedding was just yesterday.  I don’t really know how else to explain it but in some ways it feels more recent and in some ways it feels like it’s been longer.  Either way, it’s been wonderful.  I’m not going to act like it’s roses and rainbows all the time…anyone who’s been married can tell you that…but I do feel like the last two years have brought us closer together, made us stronger as a couple, and have inspired us both grow as people into better versions of ourselves.  I’ll keep the rest of the cheesy stuff to myself :)The Knot Real Weddings!

This last year of marriage was filled with lots of fun times, including finally going on our honeymoon!  As I mentioned in a previous post, we did a belated honeymoon because of our job schedules and Matt finishing up his LLM at NYU.  We had a long time to think about what we wanted out of our honeymoon and how we wanted to spend our precious days off.

Honeymoon in St. LuciaWhat we didn’t have a lot of time to think about was which days off we would be taking and how this honeymoon would play out.  Matt told me that we would go in either November or December, so I took one week off in each November and December.  As an attorney in North Carolina, you have to take what is called Secured Leave, which is a one-week period (Monday-Friday).  You get 3 Secured Leave periods per year and you have to give 90 days notice to the courts and any opposing counsels, as well as pro se parties on the other side.  It’s strict, and if you don’t take Secured Leave and a court date gets set during that week, you can’t get out of it on the basis that you are on vacation.  So I had to take Secured Leave those two weeks if there was even a chance we would be going then.  Honeymoon in St. Lucia

So I took the week of November 8, as well as another week in December.  Both Matt and I assumed we would take the December week, but we weren’t positive, and I had an “extra” Secured Leave week, as I hadn’t taken much time off in 2016.  So the plan was December.  Until Matt ended up with a trial scheduled for January, meaning endless December deadlines.  So about two weeks prior to November 8, we figured out “ok December won’t work…can we go in two weeks?”  And we somehow actually made it happen!  Luckily, because I had done so much research about where we wanted to go, places to stay, etc. it was actually quite easy to book (and fortunately the resort still had rooms available!).

We decided to stay at Ladera Resort.  One look at their website and you will see why we wanted to stay there!  It has fantastic views, and personal pools in each suite.  We were torn between the Heritage Suite and the Paradise Ridge Suite, but decided that since it was a once in a lifetime honeymoon experience, we should just go for the gold… and boy are we glad we did!Ladera St. Lucia

So because of our schedules with work, we were only able to take 5 days (Tuesday through Saturday) for the trip, and we knew we wanted to make the most of our time there.  And by that I mean RELAXING.  For us, this trip was about unwinding and spending time together, though St. Lucia is FULL of opportunities for adventure, if you are looking for that instead!  That’s one of the best parts of St. Lucia.  You can relax on the beach, or in your room enjoying torrential downpours in a heavenly room, or you can hike the Pitons, zip line and go whale watching.  There are literally so many things to do there, weather permitting.

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

pretty standard weather during our trip…

The weather was definitely not cooperating with us while we were there, but honestly it worked out fine because our plan was to relax and not to do a million activities.  We spent a lot of time in our room in our plunge pool, reading in the pool chairs, playing games at the Dasheene restaurant/bar, and drinking Nespresso in our big comfy chairs in the room.  It was heaven, truthfully.  I read a book for the first time in I don’t know how long.  Matt and I enjoyed long talks and just being together, which is hard when we are home and both giving 100% to our jobs.  It was truly the best five days in a row I can remember.Honeymoon in St. Lucia

So here’s how it went down day-by-day :)  

Day 1:  We arrived in St. Lucia and were greeted at the airport by the driver sent by Ladera.  When you stay in the Paradise Ridge Suites, you get a ride to and from the airport, which was another tempting reason to just go for the best rooms available.  He took us to the resort, and on the way there told us all about the areas of St. Lucia, their banana industry, and how they felt about the election (it was November 8 after all).  He also told us about how their lobsters don’t have claws but they were still the best lobsters ever.  I was skeptical, and knew I would definitely be trying some lobster while we were there!  We arrived at Ladera, and we were utterly starving.  Because of the way our layover worked and a slight delay, we weren’t able to eat on the layover, and had not eaten since 5AM (it was approximately 2 by the time we arrived!).  We got there and were greeted with two glasses of Ladera punch.  I don’t know how else to describe Ladera punch except to say that it is insanely refreshing and out of this world delicious.  It’s a combination of juices and I honestly have no idea how they did it.  I think it contains pineapple juice and ginger but I cannot be totally sure what they put in it to make it pink.  It’s the best thing ever and I would drink it every day if I could!Dasheene St. Lucia Ladera Punch

We asked if we could eat at Dasheene before even checking in, and they kindly let us do so.  We both got the creole burgers with fries, which were out of this world (and we were so starving I didn’t even snap a pic! ha!).  We sat and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and then proceeded to our rooms with our butlers, Keisha and Cole (sp?).  They were our butlers for the rest of the week (Cole in the AM and Keisha in the evening) and we had a little cell phone to call them and they could call us.  We could just call them to order room service, bring whatever was needed to the room, to get a ride in the golf cart to Dasheene if it was raining…you name it.  They were so incredibly friendly and helpful.  I adored them!

Honeymoon in St. Lucia

the suites at paradise ridge

When we went to our room, we saw the insane view and pool first.  The room itself is absolutely stunning.  The bathroom is enormous.  The room had more square feet than our entire condo LOL.   The shower was probably the size of our entire bedroom (almost).  One thing I absolutely loved was the Molton Brown shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  The pink pepperpod body wash will always take me back to Ladera and the amazing time we had, and I love it for that <3

Back to our arrival:  We immediately put on our swimsuits and hopped in the pool.  We then decided to open the champagne that they had put in our room and saw that it was Veuve Cliquot — one of my favorites!  We sipped champagne on the swing while watching the sun set over the Pitons.  We then left for a later dinner at Dasheene (since we at lunch at like 2).  To hear about our meals, check out this post.  We came back from dinner and watched the election on Matt’s laptop.  There are no TVs in the room, as the goal is to RELAX and disconnect.  There is free wi-fi though :)
Dasheene St. LuciaDasheene St. Lucia

Day 2:  We woke up to the most intense rain storm I had ever seen.  Because the rooms are three-walled, the rain was coming in our room a bit (not too bad, we didn’t feel it or anything) and it was pounding into the pool.  Quite frankly, it was probably the best sleep I ever had…that morning sleep where I woke up, heard the storm, and fell back asleep to the white noise of the rain.  It was absolutely glorious.  Cole had breakfast delivered to our room (an omelet and two eggs with bacon).  We spent the morning in our room watching the rain and reading.  In the afternoon, we went to Sugar Beach.  Sugar Beach is a beautiful beach which is just down the mountain from Ladera.  It’s another resort, and they let Ladera guests come to their beach and relax there.  Its as quite a beautiful view of the Pitons!  We came back from the beach and had a swim in our plunge pool, and had dinner delivered to the room.  I read my book with a glass of wine and then a decaf espresso and then we fell asleep to the sound of rain and tree frogs.Honeymoon in St. LuciaHoneymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Day 3: We had breakfast delivered again, swam in our pool, and then hiked around the resort.  We went to concierge to inquire about excursions and signed up to zip line but then it continued to rain and became too rainy to go so they called and we rescheduled it for the next day.  We ate lunch at Dasheene (with Ladera punch!) and played Connect Four (hello blast from the past) while the rain poured down.  We waited for the rain to clear up slightly (as it was down pouring) and then we went back to room.  We hung out in our room, watching the rain and talking and reading.  It was SO peaceful, I even napped a bit.Dasheene St. Lucia

Day 4:  This day was the driest of all of our full days… the day we arrived and the day we left were sunny, but for some reason, our full-days were completely rainy all day.  Don’t get me wrong, the rain was beautiful and glorious in it’s own way–it basically FORCED us to relax… but it was nice to get a little reprieve.  So we took this opportunity to go zip-lining!  It was SO fun, zipping around the trees.  It is so lush in St. Lucia, it was just absolutely stunning.  We caught a few fantastic views of the Pitons and Soufriere as well.  It was totally worth it and I highly recommend zip-lining if you want to do something a little adventurous on your trip to St. Lucia.  We finished zip lining and then went to Sugar Beach again.  It was so relaxing and fun…then of course the rain came, and we had to take cover.  We took the shuttle back up to Ladera, and relaxed in our pool before another dinner at Dasheene.  We spent our last night there taking in the incredible views and relaxing sounds of the rainforest. Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Day 5:  This was our last day, sadly :(  We woke up to our breakfast delivery and took one last dip in the pool.  Then we showered and packed up and took some more pictures before leaving our beautiful room.  Our butlers took us up to reception to check out and we had one last lunch at Dasheene.  Our driver (the same one from before!) came to take us to the airport and we talked about the election again, since now we knew the results.  We departed St. Lucia and headed home.  We talked about what an incredible trip we had just experienced and how we couldn’t wait until our next trip.  “Where should we go? Iceland? Switzerland? Sweden?”  So many choices.  Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia Honeymoon in St. Lucia

Even now, months later, we are still day dreaming about St. Lucia and the amazing time we had at Ladera.  I would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for a romantic getaway.  The staff are extremely friendly and accommodating (and they don’t make you feel bad/guilty for staying in the room which I thought was a huge plus!) and the rooms are spectacular.  The views are indescribable.  The entire experience was absolutely fantastic and I would encourage anyone looking for a perfect honeymoon spot to check out Ladera.  If you have questions, feel free to email me at orderinthekitchenblog [at] gmail [dot] com.  Happy honeymooning!


  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    This honeymoon looks absolutely amazing!!!!! Loved learning about secured leave, I think I kind of understood it, but wow, those are crazy rules. So glad you love birds got to make this amazing trip happen. I honestly am dying to go to some warm tropical place, and St. Lucia is calling my name now!

  2. Denise says:

    I loved reading this as all the memories that I saw on IG came flooding back! Such an amazing honeymoon, and the hotel looks stunning. That pool!!!

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