Keeping Some Order in the Kitchen and a Blog I Love

Hiiii everyone.  It’s Wednesday.  AKA hump-day.  Actually it’s Wednesday night so I think hump-day is over but I work almost 7 days a week so I’m not even sure if I get a hump-day.  Whatever, that is neither here nor there.  Definitely not the point of this post.  The point of this post is to show you something amazing that I found on Pinterest.

I told you about Pinterest in my last post…I’m mildly obsessed with it…okay totally obsessed with it, but it’s okay, I’m admitting I have a problem… that’s the first step to recovery…although I have no intention of recovering because Pinterest allows me to find things like THIS.  Yes, I know…amazing, breathtaking, beautiful, simple organization.

I was SO in love with the way these jars were labeled, I immediately went to Kristine’s blog to find out how to do it.  She gives a brilliant tutorial and includes free printables!!!  I was so in love with the style, I basically followed it to a T (is it “to a T” or “to a Tea”?? what does that even mean??).  I didn’t want to use her printables, though, because I wanted to use these labels on umm pretty much everything, so I made my own, following the simply beautiful theme of dictionary definitions.  (I also didn’t want to use hers because they are from photoshop (which sadly I don’t have) and the fonts are too and I would have an OCD coronary if 8 looked one way and the others looked different because the same fonts weren’t available…I know, I may have more than one problem)

Kitchen Labels

It took me about an hour and a half to make these bad boys but I’m so happy with what I ended up with.  I changed the numbers a bit so that they would be numerical (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THEY ARE NOT and I missed something because if I print them out on that super expensive decal paper I ordered online just to find out I messed it up, I’m going to be peeved…yes, I’m OCD about really dumb stuff considering my apartment is kind of a mess right now).  Hope you guys like them!  Head over to her blog to see some other amazingly cool techniques and DIY things… she’s phenomenal!

If you want a word version of it that you can edit, just shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to send you one in word that you can edit (UPDATE: I cannot seem to find this on my external hard drive.  I can try to dig it out in old emails, but can’t guarantee that I will have it this many years later).  For the fonts, I used “Baskerville-Semibold” and “Courier”.  <–this also bugs me because in law school we are taught that it goes like this {.”} not {“.} but oh well.  The descriptions of the items (i.e. Brown for the Sugar) were put into “small caps” and the numbers are a dark grey instead of solid black.  I think that’s it!  Comment if you have questions!

The Verdict:  Totally worth the time and effort.  I cannot wait for my decal paper to arrive and to move all of our stuff into a new world of organization (except for the minor detail that I have to go buy the jars… but that’s all for another day).  I will post again once it’s all done and show you how they look!  I can’t wait!  Now go check out Kristine’s blog, because she is amazing.