La Vie En Rose Bridal Shower

So today I’m going to take a cue from my most popular post ever published, and give you another hosting and entertaining type post by telling you how my family threw me a La Vie En Rose Bridal Shower, inspired by one of my favorite songs, and how you can do it too!


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I knew I wanted to have this theme right away.  By right away, I mean as soon as I realized I was engaged and that I would be having a bridal shower.  The theme came somewhat naturally, as I’m obsessed with all things French and La Vie en Rose is one of my favorite songs of all time… I have several versions on my iPod.  So Bienvenue (Welcome) and see how this swanky soiree went down…La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-ShowerThe first thing I did was to create a Pinterest board of all the things that inspired me.

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I was inspired by macarons and mimosas and of course, La Vie en Rose.  I tend to prefer the French version of La Vie en Rose to English versions because the lyrics remind me so much of Matt. I remember when I first became obsessed with it.  I had just watched Sabrina on Netflix.  The original Sabrina, with Audrey Hepburn.  Shortly thereafter, Matt and I took a trip to Paris, where La Vie en Rose was playing on the boat during our tour along the Sienne. La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-ShowerSo I worked with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin to put together a fabulous party for my closest friends.  The room was decorated with beautiful hues of pink and personal touches.  In fact, my precious sister printed out all of my photos from Matt and my trip to Paris and hung them around the entire room.La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-Shower My cousin tracked down some Eiffel towers from Sur La Table and my sister got a local baker to make my dream cake, inspired by Sweetapolita’s Madish Tea Party.  My mom and I went to Dean and Deluca to hand-select some fantastic cheeses for the cheese plate, as well as crackers and grissini to accompany.  My aunt prepared the fantastical floral arrangements and my cousin ordered macarons shipped from Paris. La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-Shower We wrote little heart toppers for each of the different fancy cheeses and arranged the cheese on a gorgeous slate platter.  My dad chose a selection of charcuterie and picked up all the champagne for the mimosa bar. La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-Shower La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-Shower La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-ShowerWhile at Dean and Deluca, my mom also hand-chose several divine chocolates and some delicious biscuits in beautiful packaging. IMG_8105They went wonderfully with the macarons… IMG_8063The chocolates came in incredible flavors like fig port wine and champagne truffles, while the macarons were a spectrum as well, with coffee and pistachio and lemon.  Everything sweet was heaven.  La-Vie-En-Rose-Bridal-Shower The cake was no exception.  Inside that gorgeous pale pink buttercream was a light vanilla cake with a raspberry chocolate filling.  The chocolate was so delicate I almost didn’t taste it, but it was there.  The cake was so perfect, I ended up changing our wedding cake to be this kind, as we are using the same baker, and everyone at the shower agreed this cake was vie en rose bridal showerThe little sign made it complete don’t you think? The mimosa bar was the one thing I knew I really wanted.  I knew a bridal brunch wouldn’t be complete without one, and so my sister and I talked about how amazing that would be, and she made it happen! She got the mimosa bar from One Hope.  

My aunt and cousin brought the glasses and all the ladies enjoyed a wide variety of choices for their cocktails. la vie en rose bridal shower

Here is Aunt Beth making sure everything is just perfect…she’s preparing Bellinis which believe it or not were separate from the mimosa bar, but were just as spectacular and were enjoyed by all.  The mixture for the Bellinis was purchased at vie en rose bridal shower But back to the cake for a second…because you know I AM a food blogger right?  Even though this post is about a bridal shower and hosting the perfect event, no bridal shower is complete without cake, and everyone agreed.  This was the one thing that every single guest took a taste of.  And all agreed the taste was sublime. la vie en rose bridal showerla vie en rose bridal showerLet the slicing commence!  And “let them eat cake”!  And let’s not forget all of the beautiful people who made this event so special!  And no party is ever complete without favors!  We gave each lady a macaron-shaped limoge box and Eiffel Tower shaped wine-stoppers!
la vie en rose bridal showerla vie en rose bridal shower

And don’t forget about the guest book!  My sister printed out a rose-tinted photo of Paris and had people sign the glass in black and gold pens.  Read = PERFECT

la vie en rose bridal showerSo that about sums it up!  What do you think?!  I absolutely loved it and am so honored to have such wonderful people in my life!   If you are looking for the macaron limoge boxes, you can find them here:

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and the wine stoppers are here: 

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I tried to give you details on where everything was purchased but if you have questions feel free to comment or email/tweet/facebook me directly.  Thank you!! If you are looking for more party hosting ideas, check out my Hosting Parties Pinterest board: Follow Order in the Kitchen’s board Hosting Parties on Pinterest.

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  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    How absolutely adorable! Like seriously, totally totally adorable! I can see why your parties are the most pinned content, because they’re just ultimate perfection! And can we talk about how beautiful you look? Like omg girl! And you know I’m all about macarons, so i’m totally loving just every single thing about those adorable favors (and I happen to even have one from you, so THANK YOU! I can tell you first hand that I use it every night to hold my rings in). I can’t believe it…your big day is less than a week away! Sending so much love your way!

    • Lynn Lovejoy says:

      Thank you my love! I do love the party posts! Thank you for your sweet comment about the shower! So glad you have a little macaron 😉 I use it for my rings too. Notice I said ringS! I’m married OMG

  2. Pam Villaceran says:

    Lynn!!! The macaroons are dreadfully mouthwatering. Gold! I love the gold! The theme is sooo beautiful I’m wanting it for my own party! :)

  3. Angelica says:

    The party was as lovely as you are, and I am obsessed with all the little details! Hope you have a fun week preparing for the wedding!! You will no doubt make a gorgeous bride. Congrats Lynn!

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