This Month on the Docket

IMG_5885In court every morning, the judge calls the “docket” or the calendar for that day.  Here on the blog, “The Docket” is my weekly post that gives you a little peek into the life of the Attorney in an Apron, and what kinds of fun things are happening in my life this week!

Yea that’s right, I’m the worst, I haven’t done the Docket since New Year’s but it’s been getting crazy around here y’all!! I’ve got lots of recipes I want to share with you and so those have taken priority and I’ve slacked on this other stuff because work has really picked up, and so has…drumroll please…wedding planning!  Our wedding is in just over 2 months!  I can’t believe it’s FINALLY here!

January has been a whirlwind!  I’ve gotten a relationship with a brand, I’ve upped my photo game, and I’m ready to conquer even more of my goals this year as we move forward!  Probably the biggest thing that has happened this month was my bachelorette weekend!  I had the BEST.WEEKEND.EVER. and that’s not even CLOSE to exaggerating.  My best friends in the world were there, as well as my mom and sister and cousin who hello are also my best friends.  I can’t even explain how freaking incredible it was, but I posted several photographs about it on Instagram, and posted an entire album on Facebook (which I believe is public so feel free to check it out!)  That album has about 175 photos in it so I’m obviously NOT going to post them all here but I will post some of my faves :)

10928857_10102535835861428_1569604282180040143_n 10615431_10102535841879368_159922636790431113_n 10624613_10102535830517138_4944885372823448355_n IMG_5637 IMG_5766 IMG_5896 IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5902

10689970_907239569309971_1023611113684199738_n IMG_5904

10544405_10102536790104118_5898536485945249374_nI got our wedding invitations put in the mail WHA???? And ended up getting a calligrapher to do the calligraphy and I think she did an amazing job!  Brides if you are interested in working with her, let me know and I’ll connect you!

IMG_5926 IMG_5936 IMG_5954

I have been sick all week so that’s incredibly uneventful but I cannot wait to feel better, get back in the kitchen and get y’all some great recipes!!  I also obviously cannot WAIT for more wedding-related festivities!  The shower is in less than a month and then hello the next thing is the wedding!  I just can’t even believe it!

SO…what have YOU guys been up to lately?!  I miss you!  Tell me how you are!

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  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    AWE!!! GIRL!!!! Love you, so excited I was able to share your special bachelorette weekend with you. It was truly amazing, even though I didn’t know anyone, I had the best time, you have such amazing friends, and I’m happy to consider myself one of them :) And I’m so excited to start Whole30 with you tomorrow!

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