My version of the “Best Birthday Cake”

Order in the Kitchen's version of the "Best Birthday Cake"

SOOOO my co-worker and friend, Ashley was having a birthday and I figured, why get her a store-bought cake when I could make one especially for her?  Her favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting, and fortunately, I stumbled across this.  Smitten Kitchen’s “Best Birthday Cake”.  I used her exact recipe, so I won’t post it here, but it turned out amazing…especially the frosting, which wasn’t too sweet but had an incredible flavor!  So anyway, the pictures below are just the process, but it turned out fabulous andI highly recommend this recipe!

OinK's  version of the "Best Birthday Cake" OinK's version of the "Best Birthday Cake" OinK's  version of the "Best Birthday Cake"

I decorated it using edible gold sprinkles, edible pearls, and edible blue pearls for the “A” (“A” is for Ashley obviously)… the A was more “Carolina Blue” in real life, which is perfect for Ashley because she loves all things Carolina blue!  She also loves gold and pearls (she’s a classy lady) so the cake was really just “so her”!

One tip:  The easiest way to make that “A” is to take a toothpick and lightly draw whatever it is you want to design in the frosting.  Then you can use icing, or edible pearls, or whatever, to follow your trace and end up with exactly what you want.  If you don’t like what you drew, you can just smooth it out again with an offset spatula and start again.  This works WAY better than writing something in icing free-style and then messing it up and having to scrape it off etc.  Trust me, this is a simple baking tip that you will be glad you know in the future!  Bake away everyone! OinK's version of the "Best Birthday Cake"


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