#OXOFarmTour and a Summer Salad

Summer Salad from Order in the KitchenThis tour of the Hood River Valley was sponsored by OXO and Travel Oregon and was available to the participants of #indulgeconPDX.  All opinions are of course my own, and that opinion is that this city girl was incredibly blessed to be able to go on this fantastic tour.  Not only was it fun but it was educational.  Not just beautiful, but also delicious.  It was an experience for all of my senses, and I’m sitting here back in North Carolina just thinking about how lucky I am to have been able to take part in such a unique experience.Multnomah Falls Oregon

We also were kindly gifted an incredible GreenSaver as a thank you from OXO for attending the tour.  I used it to preserve some lovely arugula greens in my fridge all week to make a delicious summer salad for my father for Father’s Day.  Shopping is something I try to keep to a minimum, and so being able to preserve my produce longer than normal in my fridge is a blessing!  I’m seriously in love with this GreenSaver!OXO GreenSaverBut before I get into all the amazingness about the GreenSaver and my summer salad, let me give you a quick recap of the tour…

We woke up early and started with a breakfast at the hotel complete with scones and muffins and coffee and orange juice.  There was a short introduction from OXO and Travel Oregon, preparing us for the exciting adventures we would enjoy that day, and they gifted us water bottles, because they knew we’d be engaging in some hiking and strawberry picking.#OXOFarmTour

We said goodbye to Hotel Monaco and loaded onto the bus to head for Multnomah Falls.  This is the highest waterfall in the entire state of Oregon (second in the nation) and let me tell you, it was spectacular!#OXOFarmTour

We were able to hike up to see it from a lookout, and then a bit further to see it from a bridge. It was glorious.  We didn’t have enough time to climb to the top, though, as we had several more incredible journeys planned for that day.  And I was there with my bestie Phi so it made it even better!!#OXOFarmTour

After enjoying the gorgeous waterfall, we hopped back on the bus to head to our next destination: Hood River and the Draper Girls Country Farm!  We enjoyed some incredible strawberry picking and gorgeous views of Mt. Hood!


From there, we went to The Gorge White House for an outdoor delicious lunch!  We wandered around their farm as well and saw more gorgeous berries that we could pick right off the vine and eat!

#OXOFarmTour#OXOFarmTourOur last stop was Sakura Ridge.  Let me tell y’all, this farm has it made!  The views and sites were a stunning backdrop to their beautiful bed and breakfast.  Their in-house baker made us some lovely desserts and we got to enjoy the sites while tasting superb lemon bars and rugelach.

I’m so thankful and lucky I was able to go on this excursion after #IndulgeConPDX and that Phi was able to get us into the excursion (they were almost full!)!  I was so inspired by these cherries on the trip (at Draper Girls Country Farm) that I knew immediately that I wanted to make a salad using the GreenSaver when it arrived!


If you’ve been reading this blog for any period of time, you probably know that I work full time in addition to the blog.  That means that I have to do a lot of my meal planning and grocery shopping on the weekends to prepare for the whole week.  One of my biggest complaints about this is I can never get my leafy greens to stay fresh in the fridge!  The box it comes in always gets a lot of moisture and the leaves turn quite quickly.  Not so with the GreenSaver!  It allows air to circulate while also keeping the greens fresh with it’s incredible carbon pack! (See in the pic below you can already see the moisture building up in the grocery bought lettuce box v. the GreenSaver).


The GreenSaver keeps your produce fresh by: “GreenSaver Produce Keepers feature all-natural, non-toxic activated carbon filters filled with nooks and crannies that trap and absorb ethylene gas, slowing down spoilage and keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer. They also have elevated, removable baskets that promote proper airflow and help prevent moisture buildup by lifting produce up and away from the bottom and sides of the container. The vent on top of each Produce Keeper slides open and closed to maintain optimum humidity levels for different types of produce. These three factors work together to keep your produce fresh longer.”–OXO Website.

So I bought these greens at the beginning of the week knowing that they would need to stay fresh until Father’s Day (Sunday).  Low and behold they lasted the entire week and still looked as fresh as the day I bought them!#OXOFarmTour

The features and benefits of the GreenSaver are:

  • Activated carbon filter absorbs ethylene gas, is all-natural and made from coconuts
  • Sliding date indicator keeps track of when it’s time to replace the carbon filter
  • Elevated basket promotes airflow to prevent rotting, and can be removed to be used as a colander
  • Adjustable vent slides open and closed for optimal humidity levels for different types of produce
  • Chart on bottom of vent shows whether to keep the vent open or closed for popular fruits and vegetables
  • 4.3 qt/4 L capacity great for heads, bags or boxes of lettuce, broccoli and medium-sized fruits
  • 1 filter included
  • BPA free

This salad is so simple, I literally threw it together at the very end of my meal prep for Father’s Day!  That way the dressing doesn’t wilt the leaves and the whole thing just tastes fresh!


This was the perfect balance to the steaks I made for my dad.  He loved having the light option on the side of the juicy steak and ended up eating far more than I would have imagined my dad to eat of a salad!  This was a huge success and I will definitely be making this salad again in the very near future!



For more information about the GreenSaver, check out this link.

For more information about visiting Oregon, check out TravelOregon.

#OXOFarmTour and a Summer Salad
The Elements
  • 3-5 oz greens (I used baby arugula)
  • 5-10 cherries, pitted and halved
  • 2 oz goat cheese
  • 1 TBSP Wildflower Honey
  • 3 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 3 TBSP White Wine Vinegar
  1. In a large bowl, mix greens, cherries and goat cheese.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together the honey, olive oil, and vinegar.
  3. Drizzle dressing over salad and toss. Serve immediately.
The Verdict
The easiest summer salad to throw together at the last minute. I will definitely be making this again!


  1. Phi @ The sweetphi blog says:

    What a beautiful overview! It was SO MUCh FUN getting to experience this farm tour with you and see all the stunning Oregon sights. Now on to this salad…girl, what a delicious and fresh looking salad! The cherries and goat cheese sound like they’d go perfectly with that awesome salad dressing- a total must try!!

    • Lynn Lovejoy says:

      Girl it was the best ever! I’m so happy we got to see all of those incredible sites together and experience yet another fantastic experience together! And yea, easiest salad on the planet but SO GOOD. Love you!

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