Present Sense Impressions


In law, Present Sense Impressions are statements which describe an event while it is occurring. These posts contain my daily musings, like good finds on Pinterest, recipes I’m drooling over, and other things that I’m generally loving lately.  

I know I already told you guys how much I love margaritas, but I just had to tell you again once my girl Jessica shared these Jalapeño Watermelon Margaritas… My immediate response was “what? I need these like now…” followed by immediately pinning them and wishing they were in my house.  She also shared this delicious-looking Nectarine Sangria that I would love to take part in.  I know I know, it seems I love to drink too much but really it mostly just comes out during summer time when all the summer time drinks are at their peak.  Speaking of summer, I am dying to make this Mexican Chocolate ice cream.  This flavor is relatively new to me and when I found out it basically just means a shit-load of cinnamon and some other spice I was all like “sold.”  I also cannot stop thinking about these Blackened Scallops from one of my favorite bloggers.  It makes me want to make scallops which I literally have made myself once ever in my whole life.  I also really want to make this Baked Eggplant Parmesan despite the fact that I have cooked eggplant certainly less than a dozen times.  It’s just not my favorite and I’d rather use chicken or veal but this looks delicious enough to make it just the way it is… off to buy eggplant!  I’m also drooling over pretty much every single recipe in the Williams-Sonoma catalog this month.  I want to host a brunch just so I can make this french toast.  I mean just everything about it looks phenomenal.  I’ve decided one of my biggest blogging goals will be to make the perfect everything bagel.  Matt is obsessed with everything bagels but he also has quite high standards (unlike his pasta sauce standards).  I am going to go out on a journey to try to find the best one.  So far I’ve found thesethesethesethesethese, and these.  If you have any recommendations on these recipes or would like to point me in another direction please let me know!!