Present Sense Impressions

In law, Present Sense Impressions are statements which describe an event while it is occurring. These posts contain my daily musings, like good finds on Pinterest, recipes I’m drooling over, and other things that I’m generally loving lately.  

I really wish I had a cranberry muffin from Latte Land right about now.  It was spectacular and I feel like I need some carbs to get me through this post because OMG I feel so overwhelmed I have so many amazing things I want to SHARE!!!  #choppedcon14

I chalk it up to my ridiculous absence from my precious blog and I’m about to hand out link love like it’s my job because all I can think about these days is food, food blogging and more food blogging.  I just NEED to get back to my old happy place from three years ago.  The place that made me WANT to start this blog and not just update it when it’s convenient and act like it’s a chore.

So hang on tight folks, here we goooooo:

These Roasted Grape Crostini with Brie are calling out my name!  I’ve never had or made roasted grapes before and I’m quite intrigued.  I need to throw a party so I can have these as an appetizer.  I mean really.

I had to put my tongue back in my mouth after drooling so much over this Apple Cinnamon Streusel Pull-Apart Bread.  I just can’t even with this.  I need to make a million pull-apart breads and this one just jumped way up to the top of the list.  I like how I pretend that I’m grown up enough to make fancy breakfast.  That literally has probably happened less than a dozen times in my life, but shh just let me go with it.  I’m dying over these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls so I may just HAVE to get up early one weekend and make them.  They’re vegan so I’m pretty sure that means they’re healthy.  Add these Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls with Brown Butter Icing and these Buttermilk Bran Muffins to the list and let’s make a totally healthy cinnamon-roll-and-muffin-filled breakfast.  I mean we have vegan, whole wheat, and bran.  Pretty sure that means healthy.

In case you need three ways to make coffee, (because I know I do!) here’s Ali’s guide to French Press CoffeeCold Brew Coffee and Pour Over Coffee.  Just make some already.  I don’t care which way.  You can thank me later.  Throw in some pumpkin spice Torani if you’re feeling fancy… I  know I’ll be doing something with my Torani pumpkin spice syrup that I got in my sick swag bag from #ChoppedCon14.  Serve it with these Mexican Hot Chocolate Caramel Cookies.  Mexican Hot Chocolate…the stuff dreams are made of.  Or serve it with a simple jam on toast.  YES folks, Simple Jam exists.  You’re welcome.

I know peaches can be a little hard to come by these days, but this Peach Slow Cooker Dessert is just making me salivate.  She says it’s not a pretty dessert but I beg to differ.  All I wanna do is grab a spoon and maybe a pint of Talenti gelato… salivating continues…right on in to this Pumpkin Apple Pie.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed but now I’m wondering why I’ve never seen one before!  I mean come on, pumpkin pie (amazing) + apple pie (amazing) just HAS to equal AH-MAZING.  Right?!  Make it for Thanksgiving and let me know.  Or better yet, go over to Minimalist Baker’s blog and let her know yourself 😉

Then Christina gives me not one but TWO of my favorite desserts and then adds pumpkin to them.  Do you SEE why I love this girl?  I give to you Pumpkin Snickerdoodles and Pumpkin Tiramisu.  This is why I pre-ordered her book, and you totally should too.

And just in case you got a tad overwhelmed with my link love today and need a drink, might I suggest this Pomegranate Moscow Mule?  I mean I’m just dying for a sip (or ten).


  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    OMG LOVE this post, thanks for linking my Mexican Hot Chocolate Caramel Cookies, I may or may not want to bake for you every single day, you’re so awesome!

    Also- I have some super fond memories of Latte Land and their crazy sink lol, I feel like I need to make note of it somewhere that Kansas City establishments have the weirdest/coolest sinks!

    Here’s to food blogging and all the little things that we can improve on, as i love reminding myself 1% improvement girl, that’s all we can hope for every day…and then, omg, we’ll be rockin it out at 365% improvement :)

    Love you, miss you, xoxo Phi

    • Lynn Lovejoy says:

      I am DYING over those Mexican Hot Chocolate Caramel Cookies girl!!! You should totally do a roundup of crazy sinks lol! Yes I love the 1% and 365%! What an awesome way to look at it! Love and miss you too! xox

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