Seared Ribeye Steaks with Asparagus Salad

This seared ribeye steak with asparagus salad, topped with a fried egg, is perfect for an intimate date night. This post was sponsored by Omaha Steaks, however, all opinions are, as always, mine alone. #ad

Seared Ribeye with Asparagus Salad and Fried EggOn Fee SIMPLE Fridays you will get easy recipes.  In the legal field, Fee Simple is the absolute ownership of property to the exclusion of others.  I want you to own your kitchen every Friday with these easy-to-make recipes!  Read on for MORE!

“Put an egg on it” is my motto in my house.  I do it with crab, I do it with stuffing, why not with steak right?  But I didn’t want to just have steak and eggs…although that would be delicious and I know Ron Swanson would surely approve….I wanted just a little bit of green to add to this super protein-filled meal.  So I chose asparagus because I think asparagus is always a perfect compliment to a nice juicy steak.

Seared Ribeye with Asparagus Salad and Fried EggI knew I wanted to sear the ribeyes on the stove before cooking them in the oven using a cast iron skillet.  A cast iron skillets can be one of your best friends in the kitchen so if you don’t already have one, I recommend going out and getting one. They are actually relatively inexpensive (I believe my large one was about $30). The best way to sear these on the stove (and then in the oven) is by creating a fantastic rub to put on the meat first. You want your meat to be thawed out before you do this. You can use a simple rub of just salt and fresh cracked pepper, or you can use some steak seasoning (Omaha Steaks has a good one). I did my rub using Old Bay, dried mustard, salt and pepper.

Seared Ribeye with Asparagus Salad and Fried EggI made the asparagus salad while the oven was preheating and set it aside so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it when it came time to flip steaks. I made the fried eggs while the meat was resting, so that everything could come together at once when the meat was ready.  Then I let that delicious yolk run down all over the meat.  YES.

Seared Ribeye Steaks with Asparagus Salad
The Elements
  • 2-4 10 oz Omaha Steaks Ribeye steaks
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Or a rub of your choice (I made my rub using 2 tsp. Old Bay, 1 tsp. pepper, ½ tsp. dried mustard)
  • 2 T butter, melted
  • ½ to 1 bunch asparagus (I only used ½ the bunch because there were only two of us)
  • 1.5-2 T olive oil (I just drizzled until I thought it was all coated)
  • Juice from ¼ lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 500 and let the cast iron skillet heat up with the oven.
  2. Let steaks sit out while you do this bringing them to room temperature.
  3. When oven reaches 500, remove the cast iron skillet (carefully!) and place over high heat on the stove for 5 minutes.
  4. Rub your steaks with your steak rub or simply use salt and pepper but be generous with it
  5. Add the steaks into the pan and let sear for 1 minute, then flip and sear for an additional 1-minute.
  6. Baste them with butter then immediately put the cast iron skillet back in the oven.
  7. Cook on one side for 2 minutes then, using tongs, flip it over to cook for an additional 2-3 minutes depending on your temperature preference (this should give you a good mid-rare)
  1. Trim the asparagus by cutting off the ends (where the white is).
  2. Then trim the tops and put those in your mixing bowl.
  3. Using a peeler, take each asparagus and shave it down, taking the ribbons and placing them in the bowl with the spears.
  4. Once you have all of your ribbons done, drizzle in the olive oil and lemon juice then toss with your hands.
  5. Add salt and pepper and toss again.
  1. Top steaks with asparagus salad and fried egg.
The Verdict
So simple and delicious. It was so good that I found myself almost finishing a 10oz ribeye, which is crazy considering I usually stick to 4-6 ounces... but it was really that good. You could use any cut of meat really, but you may need to alter cooking times :)


  1. Lexi says:

    This looks amazing and delicious! I also love your motto of “put an egg on everything.” It’s the perfect way to salvage leftovers. In Germany, there’s a popular open-faced sandwich that features a crusty bread, topped with ham or salami, cheese and a fried egg. It’s absolutely decadent, though it would be killer with some leftover steak. I love your idea here and will try a runny egg on my steak the next time I make it! Happy weekend!

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