Tasting Menu at EVOkE (Charlotte)

I was lucky enough to experience a tasting menu at EVOkE in Charlotte.  It was a meet up for Charlotte Food Bloggers and was a delightful time!

So in case you don’t know by now, I LOVE Charlotte.  It’s full of incredible things to do, delicious meals, and interesting people.  I had the pleasure of recently meeting a whole new group of interesting people through the Charlotte Food Bloggers group!  I had been posting all over Instagram about my Charlotte girls’ weekend, and the Charlotte Food Bloggers left me a comment about joining their group.  I admit I was totally fan-girling and what like “whatttt, I can be a part of this group??” and was super excited.  I applied right away and Susannah (who I’ve adored for years) and Chrissie (who is also a lawyer!!) let me join the group!
Tasting Menu at EVOkE (Charlotte)The first “eat-up” event was at EVOkE, which if you will recall is where Phi and I had the most incredible brunch just a few weeks prior.  The menu was posted on Facebook just before the event and I was SO excited as soon as I saw it.  The menu was as follows:


Radish, Snap Peas, Prosciutto, Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

The Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette really made this dish sing.  I’m dying to make this myself and will hopefully come up with a fabulous “copy cat” to share with you soon, as it is truly perfect for summer.  This salad paired wonderfully with Sauvignon Blanc.


Charred Lemon, Pickled Shimeji Mushrooms, Mustard Seed

This was by far the best tartare I’ve ever tasted.  I of course am always a bit wary of eating raw meat but honestly I could have eaten twelve portions of this.  Every single thing on the plate added to the dish and the flavors were perfectly balanced.  I would love to go back and order this again!

Carne Cruda -- Tasting Menu at EVOkE (Charlotte)

Snap Peas, Spring Onion, Meyer Lemon, Coriander Oil

I MAY have pulled the waiter aside and told him this was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  It was so delicious I savored every bite longer than usual.  I wanted to taste every flavor on the plate and enjoy it as long as I possibly could.  Again the meyer lemon really added a special something, and the fish was so delicate and light that everything was crisp and light.  So delicious, I would absolutely order this again!

Escolar -- Tasting Menu at EVOkE (Charlotte)

Lobster, Green Garlic, Truffle Butter

This was as delicious as it was beautiful.  I loved all the fresh flavors and even though there was garlic and truffle butter, it didn’t overpower the delicate lobster and was the perfect flavor combination to really bring out the best in the lobster.  The pasta was perfectly pillowy and lovely.  My only “complaint” is that I wanted an entire bowl of this…it was THAT good.  I hope they make this a staple on the menu because I will be back often for this dish.

Agnolotti -- Tasting Menu at EVOkE (Charlotte)

Scallops, Mussels, Shrimp, Roasted Tomato + Black Garlic Brodo

This was utterly delicious and the perfect portion.  The broth was savory and delicious and I literally could have drank in directly from the bowl, though I did adore having a lovely crusty piece of bread to soak it up and really savor it.  They had grilled the bread so it had these fantastic grill marks and each piece of seafood was divine and deliciously fresh.


Overall, this meal was dynamite.  Just out of this world delicious, and accompanied by fabulously chilled Sauvignon Blanc (red was an option as well but I can’t resist a chilled white with lovely seafood).  The company made the evening so special, and the added surprise bonus was that the chef himself came out each time to describe each dish to us!  I “Snapchatted” the whole thing, and posted a teaser on Instagram to this post.  I plan to do several more of these “eat-ups” so if you want to follow along and get all the behind the scenes details, be sure to add me on Snapchat and Instagram (@Orderinthekitch on both).

A HUGE thank you to Chrissie for organizing this incredible event and to EVOkE for hosting us for such a lovely and delicious meal.  So far EVOkE is 2 for 2 on outstanding meals, so I know I will be back!  Our meal was provided to us compliments of the restaurant, but as always all opinions are my own.  If you are in Charlotte, be sure to check out this delicious spot!


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