Teasia Teas: New International Series

This healthy living post is brought to you by Teasia Tea, which are neat K-cup style teas in a wide variety of types and flavors.  As always, all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the people who help make Order in the Kitchen possible!

Hi guys!  Long time no talk am I right?  If you follow me on IG, you have probably figured out why it’s been so long since my last post.  Spoiler alert if you don’t: I’m 15 weeks pregnant and am still waiting for the “second trimester energy” that everyone keeps telling me will come!  Maybe next week?  We shall see!  Baby K-A Ultrasound

Anyway, it’s been pretty exciting around here and I have really been focusing on trying to get as much energy as I can without adding too much caffeine to my diet in the first trimester.  According to everything I’ve read, you can have up to 200 mg of caffeine a day, so even a cup of coffee is totally fine.  The funny thing is, I’m just now getting my taste for coffee back.  It took me a good long while to even want to taste it again.  So tea has pretty much been my “go to” if I need a little bit of a pick me up.

The email from Teasia Teas asking if I wanted to try their new International Series couldn’t have come at a better time!  They also sent me some coffee (which I will post about very soon, now that I’m adding it back into my diet).  I love their teas because they are all natural, with no artificial additives or chemicals, and they are absolutely delicious!  

The International Series has: English Breakfast (my all time favorite tea ever), Earl Grey (a close second), Honeybush (a new one to me that I absolutely love) and Genmaicha Green Tea (the healthy choice hehe).  English Breakfast has always been my favorite tea.  Nothing makes me more relaxed in the afternoon than a nice warm cup of English Breakfast with milk and a bit of brown sugar.  It just brings me back to when Matt and I went to London and enjoyed “tea time” every single day with a giant pot.  One of the best things about these teas from Teasia though is that they are K-Cups, so you can make just one cup and enjoy it at work or on the couch at home, all without having to brew a whole pot for tea.  Such a win!  Teasia Teas International Series

I took my Earl Grey the same way (a bit of milk and a dash of brown sugar) and this was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed Earl Grey as much as English Breakfast!  It does have a hint of a citrus flavor which is lovely, and I’m wondering if I’ve just had not good ones in the past because I absolutely adored this K-Cup and I was pleasantly surprised because I’ve always thought I didn’t like Earl Grey as much as English Breakfast.  I was happy to be proven wrong though…I’ll gladly enjoy this one when I want something a little different from the English Breakfast (but still creamy with the milk…yumm).Teasia Teas International Series

Next, I tried the Honeybush.  The description of this tea on the box (they describe them all on the box, which I love by the way) was it had a distinctive honey taste and was typically enjoyed with milk and sugar.  I skipped the sugar because I love the taste of honey on its own and I wanted to be able to taste it well without being too sweet, and it was splendid!  It was definitely different than the first two because of that honey flavor and it would be so delicious with some toast and jam!  I also love this one because it is naturally caffeine-free, so it was fine to have it at 4pm without worrying that it would make my tummy hurt (a fun pregnancy side-effect of caffeine at the wrong time).  Teasia Teas International Series

The Genmaicha Green Tea is the most distinctive of the group.  The other three I felt were the teas that you enjoy with milk and sugar and the green tea was the one I wanted when I wanted to feel healthy that day.  I know some find green tea to be a bit bitter, and you can always add some sugar to help with this, but I love the taste of green tea when I’m in the right mood for it.  It’s kind of like having one of those juice bar juices–not always in the mood for it, but when you have it you just feel like you are being healthy.  Bonus is that it helps curb your appetite!  So it really is quite healthy and can assist with weight loss (obviously not my goal at the moment, but green tea sans milk/sugar is a great addition to any balanced diet).Teasia Teas International Series

I was so happy to try these teas.  I had such a great experience with Teasia last time, that I jumped at a chance to try their teas again.  Their K-Cup style is just too convenient to pass up for me.  I used to never make tea because it was just too much work to put a whole kettle on for one cup (I get nervous about microwaving a mug–lol yes I am a paranoid nerd) and so I would often just say “forget it” and not make tea.  Now I can enjoy tea whenever I want, whatever variety I want and it’s just SO easy and convenient.  I highly recommend these teas if you have a K-Cup machine.  They are so delicious and super convenient.  Plus, Teasia only uses all natural ingredients with no additives or chemicals AND they donate a portion of all of their proceeds to support charities in the areas of environment, education, healthcare and poverty.  Win, win!  

I’ll be back (I promise this time) with a post about the coffees they sent me, as well as more pregnancy updates…but not too many, I don’t want to bore you :)


  1. Marina says:

    Sounds delicious! I’m not usually a tea drinker but this post has me thinking i should sub one of my many coffee cups :)

  2. Denise says:

    These sound wonderful, and I love the name Honeybush! I am a big Earl Grey fan but have never tried with milk and honey; definitely need to switch up my tea game!

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