This Week on “The Docket”


In court every morning, the judge calls the “docket” or the calendar for that day.  Here on the blog, “The Docket” is my weekly post that gives you a little peek into the life of the Attorney in an Apron, and what kinds of fun things are happening in my life this week!

This week I have a few things going on but nothing nearly has hectic as last week.  I had my friend’s wedding so that was so fun and involved lots of fun activities.  This week I’m taking it a bit easier.  I’m at work today, then I’m going to take a day off tomorrow to start getting things together for our big move to Charlotte.  I’ll work Wednesday and Thursday and then the office is closed Friday for the 4th of July!  Tomorrow I’ll probably work on a couple recipes, one more 4th of July recipe and a soup that I’ll share later on.  I’m starting to get a few 4th of July recipes on this site (about time) and I’m very happy about it.

Today I had lunch with my friend, Marshall.  He’s been helping me SO much getting everything moved to WordPress and getting a nice theme picked out etc.  He’s been a monumental help and I couldn’t do all of this without him!  I have a few new features I want to tell you about real quick.  First, is my new blog roll.  I’m so excited to finally have a site that lets me share the love and show my readers who I’m obsessed with in the food world!  It’s on the right hand side under the Archives, Categories, and OinK Store.  The OinK Store is a new addition as well!  I’m very excited about it!  I finally have a space where I can show you all the things that I use and have purchased and loved.  Everything in my Amazon store I personally recommend and support.  They are divided into several categories to hopefully make your search easier :)  I also have a number of things that I will be trying to add and edit on my site and hopefully will have it all completed by mid-July.  I’m still trying to get my Recipe Index up and running (this might be my #1 priority!!) and I still can’t get the pin-it hover button to work correctly (insert annoyed emoji here).  I’m also trying to get set up with a newsletter and a recipe search tool, so stay tuned!!  What do y’all have on your Docket this week?