#TorteTuesday: Compilation

It’s #TorteTuesday and I have nothing prepared.  I’m the worst.  I don’t even know what to tell you other than to say that this last month and a half has been completely insane.  Since Sept. 20 I’ve gone to NY, Maine, Houston, Chicago, and Wilmington.  I’ve gone to two weddings.  I’ve had a trial and several smaller hearings and a mediation.  I’ve purchased a home (with the hubs), packed up our old place, moved to the new place, then unpacked and organized as best I could.  I’ve helped my mom move, which took over 12 hours this past weekend.  I’ve taught at a CLE.  I’ve been non-stop to tell you the truth, and I’m whooped.  It has been grueling to say the least.

So because I’m a complete mess and haven’t had a chance to make a torte for November (hoping to get to it this weekend!), I’ve decided to put together a little compilation of all of my #tortetuesday creations!  I’ve linked them below in the order that they appear (left to right, top to bottom).  Please make one and enjoy it!  If you make one, please tag me on instagram or twitter @orderinthekitch and use the hashtag #tortetuesday!  Happy Tuesday!

#TorteTuesday #TorteTuesday

  1. Pear Torte
  2. Linzer Torte
  3. Cappuccino Torte
  4. Dark Chocolate Torte with Champagne Berry Coulis
  5. Mexican Hot Chocolate Torte with Tres Leches
  6. Chocolate Raspberry Torte (guest post by SweetPhi)
  7. Peanut Butter Chocolate Torte
  8. Caramel Apple Torte
  9. Mixed Berry Torte
  10. Honey Fig Ricotta Torte