This Week on “The Docket”

Chihuly at the Mint Museum UptownIn court every morning, the judge calls the “docket” or the calendar for that day. Here on the blog, “The Docket” is my weekly post that gives you a little peek into the life of the Attorney in an Apron, and what kinds of fun things are happening in my life this week!  Read on for MORE…

This week was amazing and flew by before I knew it! Work is going really well and everything for the wedding is starting to fall into place which is good because yesterday I came to the realization that the wedding is 6 weeks away. I mean… OMG. I’m so glad I had so much time to plan it because I did so much work a year ago that now all that’s left are the final details. It’s actually pretty amazing. Do I have some final details to work out? Yes, of course. But the major things are all done and have been for awhile. I’ll be sure to give you guys the skinny on how I planned the wedding with minimal stress in another post. Meanwhile, I’ll just stare at that picture of the Chihuly that’s hanging in our venue. #love

Yesterday, I went over to my mom’s house to help her put together one of our wedding presents (yes, I helped put together my own present, but since it’s on the registry, it wasn’t exactly a huge surprise…and yet once it was all put together I was overjoyed and so excited to put it in our house!) I’ll share pictures later once it’s officially “ours” (after my bridal shower next week)…so for now I’ll leave you in suspense. We also went to Dean and Deluca to pick out some of the food for the bridal shower, because although I love that the rest of it is a total surprise, you can’t exactly leave the foodie out of food decisions, right? Can’t wait to share with you all the amazing food and everything else from the shower next week!

Today, I’m going over to my mom’s again to work on a blog post, and then she, my friend Arpita and I are going to go to the mall to look for something for me to wear to the shower…nothing like waiting til the last minute right?

So what are you guys up to?


  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    That Chihuly is gorgeous! Nick and I went to the Chihuly glass museum when we were in Seattle two years ago, so they hold a special place in my heart! Can’t wait to see it in person…omg 6 weeks? Where is the time going!?!

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