This Year on The Docket

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In court every morning, the judge calls the “docket” or the calendar for that day.  Here on the blog, “The Docket” is my weekly (in this case, yearly) post that gives you a little peek into the life of the Attorney in an Apron, and what kinds of fun things are happening in my life this week!

And just like that, 2014 is gone.  Gone I tell you!  I honestly don’t even know where to start
because so many amazing things have happened and it’s hard to summarize it all but I’ll see what I can do!  There may be a touch of over-sharing but that’s what blogs are for right?

  • #choppedcon14I am struggling with what is the best thing that’s happened this year so I’m not going to be listing these in any particular order, but the first thing that pops into my mind is Chopped Conference 2014.  This conference was incredible for so many reasons… I got to meet so many wonderful people, and made some fabulous friends.  One of the people I met there was Phi.  I know, I know, you’ve heard me talk about her a million times, but really I just don’t know what I would do without her.  She gives me support and encouragement and just “gets” me and this whole balancing your blog and your real life kind of way!  We literally text/chat/snap/tweet every single day (multiple times a day) and she is a huge part of my life.  She even didn’t think I was totally insane for inviting her to my bachelorette party!  Not only did she not judge me and think I was insane for inviting her after only knowing her like 3 weeks but she’s actually.coming.  Like YES!  So excited to have her along for the ride and to see her again SO SOON.  I also met two other amazing ladies that I’ve told you about before…Janelle and Victoria!  They are just fabulous and encouraging and we talk all the time!  It’s so amazing to meet blog people in real life and actually become friends with them in real life.  It’s just the best.
  • The Sweet Phi Blog Planner Giveaway by Order in the KitchenAfter going to Chopped Conference, I revamped my blog.  Changed the design, started planning my posts (in my amazing planner) and posted more frequently and consistently.  And the extra work I’ve put in has been amazing.  Literally, since Chopped my page views have increased x 10!  That is NOT an exaggeration, and I feel blessed to see such progress.  Even though I’m nowhere near where I hope to end up, seeing direct results from hard work is incredibly rewarding!
  • I made it past 1000 followers on Twitter!  This was a big goal of mine and now I’m looking at my next goal!
  • I landed a sponsorship gig!  I’ll keep your curiosity going (mostly because I’m not sure if we are supposed to say yet!) but I’m super duper excited about it and I can’t WAIT to share some amazing things with you there and on here in 2015!
  • I guest-posted on SweetPhi Blog and was so grateful that someone as amazing as Phi felt like my post was worthy of her beautiful site.  Seriously, though…bacon.IMG_6881
  • I successfully hosted BOTH Thanksgiving AND Christmas dinner and I’m super proud of myself!  I have to toot my own horn just a little bit because I was terrified I would screw it all up, but everything went smashingly!  Go me!  I also had amazing help from my mom, sister and dad, so I couldn’t have done it without them!Order in the Kitchen Thanksgiving
  • I helped my sister with her school project (which also helped me!) which was to create a business plan and present to a group of investors.  We of course centered it around Order in the Kitchen and it was so helpful to sit down and really think and talk about my goals and hopes for this little blog.
  • Champagne Sangria from Order in the KitchenI finally got my hands on a DSLR!  I don’t own it…my sister loaned it to me because she is like but it has seriously made a huge difference in my photography!
  • Speaking of photography, for the first time ever, I was accepted to FoodGawker and TasteSpotting.  This was so incredibly rewarding and lessens the sting of their rejection emails to know that I’m capable of getting accepted :)
  • I planned my WEDDING!  This will surely make 2015 spectacular!  The planning actually went fairly smoothly and I have Pinterest to thank for that!  I’ve only hit a few bumps and I think I’ve handled those pretty well :)Will You Be My Bridesmaid Boxes by OinK
  • 65949_10100566432870835_3398780707233364223_nI moved back to Charlotte!  My hometown where I grew up!  And Matt came with me!  Actually, I followed him here because he had a job, but I was happy to come along since both of my parents are here.  I’ve been able to see both of my parents at least once a week, and it’s been absolutely fabulous to be back!  It was really hard to say goodbye to my Raleigh friends and to my coworkers of nearly 2.5 years but they all were so supportive and understanding and I feel honored that I have such special people in my life!
  • Speaking of moving to Charlotte, I too was able to land a job and was able to do so a lot easier than when I first got out of law school (3+ years of experience help!)  Want to hear the craziest part?  I got this job through Twitter.  That’s right.  Twitter.
  • 10483399_911080532255201_338822428_nI get to work from home!  This freedom has been tremendous for me for reasons that I’ll get into later on in this post, but it really provides me the ability to get a lot done when I need to get things done, without a lot of distractions.  I also have an incredible coworker, Jennifer, who just gets me as a person and we get along SO great.  I love her to pieces and I feel like some higher power brought us together because seriously we are like two peas in a pod (as in, on two separate occasions we have accidentally worn the same outfit…yes…twice).  I just love her and she’s amazing!
  • YOU GUYS!  See, last but not least (I told you I wasn’t doing this in order).  You guys mean so much to me and every page view, comment, tweet, Facebook post, and repin mean the world to me.  You have no idea how much I appreciate the support and love that you readers give me on a regular basis.  I hope to keep going strong for you in 2015.

thankfulWhat do I hope to see/accomplish/do?!….

Next Year on The Docket!

  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t list OUR WEDDING!  Our wedding is coming up in a few short months now and I can’t even wait!  I’m also excited for the events leading up to it!  Bachelorette party in Disney World with some of my best friends in the world and my Bridal Shower in February!  We still haven’t planned our honeymoon because of work schedules etc. but I’m sure it will be fabulous so stay tuned :)
  • More videos!  I love making videos and I hope that practice will make perfect and I will have tons of great content to share with you by video.
  • Ebooks!  I’ve already got one ebook that I will be launching VERY soon (so stay tuned for that)…that will be free to all e-newsletter subscribers so you will have access to it without paying a cent!  I’m also brainstorming some additional ebook ideas and hope to at least launch two more by the end of 2015!
  • Torte Tuesdays!  What are Torte Tuesdays you ask??  Well, the first Tuesday of each month I will be sharing a torte of some kind, sweet OR savory.  This will be my new fun little project for 2015 and I’m totally looking forward to bringing these to you!  I’ll explain it a bit more of course once I post, but clearly it’s a play on the word “tort” which is a dorky legal term…you know I’ve got to squeeze in the nerdiness for all of you!
  • I’m hoping to have the same (if not more) consistency in posting and create lots of wonderful content for you all to enjoy!  If there’s something you hope to see…let me know!  I’d love to hear it!
  • I sincerely hope to interact with more of you!  Let me know what you want to see, what you love, what you don’t love, etc.  Give me feedback so I can make you happy!  While this blog is my happy place, I want it to be yours as well, so please feel free to chat me up!

I think that’s a wrap!  I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings and reflect on what 2014 had to offer!  Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    Ahhhh! GIRL! I am like brimming with love reading this! You are such an amazing person, and I am so excited for all the things that you accomplished and all that is to come. And we can totally be weirdos together, because I could not be more excited to celebrate you getting married in 2015. How exciting! You know i love love, and you, so it’s just love all around. So! Much! Love! Lol, ok now people probably think I’m a super weirdo commenting on your page, but seriously, the world needs to know. I can’t believe you just recently got a dslr camera, revamped your blog, and are in the process of an ebook, not to mention landed a sponsorship! That’s just incredible! Here’s to an amazing 2015, so excited I get to be a part of that. Lots of love, Phi

    • Lynn Lovejoy says:

      Awe yay! Glad you liked it girl! <3 You know how much I love you and I DONT CARE what the world says! LOL I can't wait to hang out with you in 15 DAYS (LIKE OMG) and 2015 is going to be the year of Philynn (it's like brangelina just go with it okay?) Can't wait to celebrate all of our exciting milestones in 2015! <3

  2. DessertForTwo says:

    Your enthusiasm and dedication is inspiring! I loved reading about your year. And I know 2015 is going to be the best one yet!
    I’m super excited for Torte Tuesdays, too!


    • Lynn Lovejoy says:

      AHHH Thank you my love! I’m so happy I met you! 2014 was pretty freaking incredible but I know that 2015 has so much in store for BOTH of us! I can’t wait to see your cookbook (you know I pre-ordered!) and to see what else 2015 brings you 😉 Thanks so much for your sweet comment and I hope we can see each other some time in 2015! <3

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